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Young Figure Skater Relocation

When your Young Figure Skater relocation\is in Juvenile or Pre-Novice, things are easy… You get up at 4:30 am each day, wake them up at 5:00 am, than quick light breakfast… then into the car and off you go to the arena for 6:00 am.

But at some point you notice that their figure skating competition results are not improving, and a thought comes to mind that maybe, just maybe your young figure skater has outgrown their beloved Coach.

Time comes to look at other options to grow and nurture their budding potential in the right environment. Young Figure Skater Relocation

Your young skater needs to relocate to train where the action and results are... 

But first thing that comes to mind is:

"She is so young!"

We would all have to move to be with her and take care of her.

Young Figure Skater Relocation - Your Options

Some families do just that.

In order to help fulfill a dream, they pick up their lives (and those of their other children) to be close to a chosen training center, sometimes on the other side of the country. 

Not everyone can do that, or is willing to uproot the entire family just so one kid can train at a better skating school. Those are very tough and very personal decisions.

Others choose another route. Your decision will depend strictly on the maturity of your young skater, and your willingness and ability to adjust to a new way of life (without them in your home).

Young Figure Skater Relocation - Let me tell you a story...

A dear friend of mine faced with a determination and perseverance of her young skater, while getting tired of the cost and time spent driving him back and forth to the arena, (and no longer being able to get up at 4am to make it to the arena for 6am), no longer willing to adjust her hectic work schedule to his skating schedule; she decided to move closer to the rink. But the rest of the family were not happy about that idea.

To keep everyone pleased they decided to purchase a second home in the city where the skating school was located, while keeping the house in the country.  Mother and her young skater moved into this new house located less than half a mile from the rink and opened their doors to other young skaters training far from home.  Both would go back to their family and house in the country on Friday night and would come back to the city on Monday morning for training.

Other skaters staying in the house with them were as young as 15 years old and came from another side of the country; with some moving to Canada to train from places as far as Spain and France.  Since the mother was in the house entire week, they were eating home-cooked meals, with an occasional pizza for fun. Their laundry was done, their sheets changed, and doctor's appointments kept.  Young Figure Skater Relocation

One of the boys came just for the Summer to see if he would be able to live on his own far from home, family and friends. Parents missed him terribly but were brave enough to let him go after his dreams. He had an exceptionally tough time in the beginning. After all, food was a bit different than his mom's, making his own lunch every day to take to the arena was bit of a chore, he wasn't comfortable with someone else doing his laundry and really tried on his own only to find out that red shirts should never be washed with the whites… those first weeks were tough.

He gave it all his best and with time, with the help and encouragement from the "skating mother" and his new skater friends living at the house, he was able to find himself and settled in nicely. But after the Summer was over he decided to go back home and train there. He wasn't ready to live on his own just yet. 6 months latter, his mom called the "skating mother" asking if his room was available; he was ready to come back for good.

Stories like that warm your heart, they tell about the sacrifices the skating families are willing to go through to help fulfill a child's dream. There are ways to help your young skater relocate painlessly to their new training location without the drama and stress.

Young Figure Skater Relocation - Are they Ready?

As a parent, you may be facing one of the most difficult decisions of your life. Letting your young figure skater relocate to another skating school, far from home.

Where do you start?

First you need to accept that sooner or later they will need to do just that: move away from home to train, that's a given fact, (unless you live by one of the global figure skating powerhouses).

Once you are ok with this necessity, it may be easier to let them go.

Here is few things to consider to determine if your skater is in fact ready 
to let go of you...

  • They constantly research other skating schools
  • Talk about their skating dreams, set goals and make plans
  • Love their time at Summer Skating Camps
  • Are easy to please when it comes to food
  • Have a strong work ethnic
  • Are able to follow through and plan their day
  • Have strong educational goals and are good students
  • Know a thing or two about athlete's nutritional needs
  • Are punctual and reliable
  • Understand the importance of budgeting & are responsible with money
  • Understand the need for personal hygiene
  • Know how to clean after themselves
  • Are able to keep busy and entertained during their time off
  • Are considerate of the needs of others while remembering their own needs

Young Figure Skater Relocation - Letting Them Go

Each family has different values and priorities, and knowing your own child, will allow you to add items to that list, to help you determine if in fact your young skater is ready to relocate and live on their own.

Letting them go early will teach them new responsibilities, will give them another outlook on life and will show them that parents do trust them enough to let them go after their dreams.

We have contact with skaters currently training in Detroit, Novi, Ann Arbor, Canton, Colorado Springs, Calgary, Barrie, Toronto, Odintsovo, Warsaw & Gdansk. If you need current information regarding skater accommodations most suitable to your young skater, please fill out the form below; we will try to put you in touch with those who may provide that information.

Here is more about other figure skating accommodations.

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