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Skater Boarding Accommodations

Skater Boarding Accommodations - another housing option for skaters training away from home.

Once you reached Novice or Junior level in your skating career and in order to advance further, you may need to consider a relocation to another skating academy, club or school.

Among many figure skating accommodation options, you will find skater boarding accommodations most affordable and quite convenient. Each athlete is different and this option will give you an opportunity to discover yourself.

Most of the time, boarding options are very similar to the arrangements you may have with a host family with just few differences; you just have to take a bit more care of yourself.

What to Expect with Skater Boarding Accommodations 

While skating host family usually has their own skater to take care of, sometimes offering carpools to and from the arena; people offering boarding accommodations to your skater will not provide any other services besides room-and-board.

You will most likely have access to all the amenities in their home, stay in your own bedroom or share one with another skater or student.  Remember those are not "skating folks" (who will have a soft spot for anyone on skates); they are offering a place to stay to people like you, mainly to make some extra money.

Your room will be furnished with basic furnishings, you will get a bed, a chest of draws and a desk.

Boarding Bedroom

Some bedrooms will have a bedding provided, but most of the time you will need to bring a set of sheets from home. Same goes for pillows, blankets and duvet.

Boarding Bedroom

I've seen boarding accommodations for skaters that consisted of dark basement rooms (some without windows - think: safety?), furnished with a single mattress placed directly on the floor.  You really don't want to stay at a place like this, trust me; but a futon with a comfy mattress should do it, right?

Boarding Bedroom

If you do your homework right, you will find great families offering nicely furnished rooms and tasty home-cooked-meals. All you will need to bring is whatever you need to make your stay comfortable.

Home Cooked Meal

Room and board accommodations usually do not provide towels, bedding and linens, some may be willing to provide those items, especially if a skater comes from another country and simply can not bring all this fundamental stuff with them. Be sure to ask about all the inclusions beforehand, so there are no surprises when you get there.

Looking back to our own search for boarding accommodations in Canton, Michigan; it was impossible to get any concrete information from the Arctic Edge Arena personnel. It wasn't until we spoke to the local skaters training there and boarding already, that we found the information we needed. Best way to find the best boarding accommodations is to talk to other skaters training in your chosen area.

Most homes in bigger cities in United States and Canada offer wireless Internet. That may not be the case in some of the European cities.

Availability of Skater Boarding Accommodations

There are room and board accommodations in most cities, the cost of such accommodations varies based on location (depending on the country and city). Most skaters we had a chance to talk to usually are able to find a suitable accommodations sooner or later, even though sometimes it is quite difficult.

We have contact with skaters currently training in Detroit, Novi, Ann Arbor, Canton, Colorado Springs, Calgary, Barrie, Toronto, Odintsovo, Warsaw, Gdansk, Torun & Lodz. If you need current information regarding skater boarding accommodations in those cities, please fill out the form below; we will try to put you in touch with the right people.

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