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Rewarding Fundraising Ideas

Easy Fundraising Ideas for Figure Skaters

Rewarding fundraising ideas... great concept, isn't it?  

But how do we find those easy fundraising ideas?  Which ones are the best and truly rewarding?  Benefiting not just us, but other people as well?   How do we come up with innovative ways to raise money for a figure skating team or a single skater while releiving some of the stress of their family's shoulders? 

We all know that only some skaters, (the best ones at the very top), get funding from the Skating Federations and Associations that they represent. Some have sponsors that help to cover the cost of their training.  

Before they get to the top however... most skaters have no choice but to find money elsewhere; they are all looking for easy fundraising ideas.

easy fundraising ideas          Best Fundraising Idea

Sometimes an idea comes, and right away you know that it can go places, grow big and benefit many.  This is what happened here.  

Since this website went public in early August 2013, it has been growing in popularity and our traffic has grown and improved steadily with each passing week.  We are now avereging close to 7,000 unique visitors per month.

This is exactly what we set out to do.   Because we have experienced this steady growth, an opportunity came to light along with it.  

And an opportunity not only for us...

We still remember how much our family struggled financially when our young skater was climbing the ladder of success.  We know that many of you can relate.  If you are raising a skating star accept one fact: the money in your account will never go as far as you would like it or need it to go. 

Sooner or later, you will need to do some fundraising.  Are you ready to start looking for same easy fundraising ideas?  Do you have any that you would like to share

We started by selling jeweler y and crafts. We did Christmas Bazaars, home parties and "bothered" friends and family. 

Back then, the Internet was used for searching information; we didn't realize that it was a great fundraising vehicle.  

Today, it's a different ballgame; there are many cool fundraising ideas available online.

And here is the great news: 

Rewarding Fundraising Ideas...

We already did the research for you!

Our goal was to find fundraising ideas that would suit an individual skater and their family.  After all, the way we approach a fundraising campaign for a skater or a dance team would be different than one for a baseball team. Rewarding Fundraising Ideas

Wouldn't you agree?

We found that CrowdFunding is most reliable and very easy to implement.

It is perfect for individuals and very popular for personal causes. 

How it works?  

You aproach large numbers of people and ask them for small amounts of money.  

Why would people want to give YOU their money? 

Your goal is to reach those with an interest in your cause.  People invest (donate) simply because they believe in the cause (you).  What do they get in return?  Since while implementing crowdraising, you never ask people for large amounts (but they can choose to give you more than you ask for); they may or may not expect anything other than a thank you.  Rewarding Fundraising Ideas

It can be as simple as a thank you post on your website, a gratitude note on their Facebook wall or a handwritten thank you note sent by snail mail.  

None of those will cost you a lot, but will put a great big smile on your donor's face.  

While doing our own CrowdFunding campaign we opted for "custom" made Thank You cards with a picture of our dance team with a short, heartfelt note from them both.  All was pre-printed, even their signatures, (as during the length of the campaign they were out of the country, training).  Each bi-folded, high gloss, high grade stock card including an envelope, was $1.50... and we got it at... Walmart!  

Believe me there are people out there who will support you if you only let them know that you need support.  

Below, you will find links with more information about specific crowdfunding methods and websites.  Personally, we've used  It was a very positive experiance with great results. 

How about... Rewarding Fundraising Ideas

Another idea was born following a project I was managing at our newly built church.  We had a wonderful facility and were trying to come up with specific ideas on how to use the meeting areas in such a way that some money could be raised to reduce the debt following the church construction.  One of the ideas was to get together with our parish ladies, who enjoyed crafting, about once a month to exchange ideas and work on our projects. 

I found out that some of those women crafted and created art just for the fun of it.  They used their creations as gifts, some offered them as donations, so we could sell them to raise money for church.  

A light bulb went off!  

Have you ever met a woman who didn't enjoy watching figure skating?  

Just ask any woman, what's her favourite winter Olympic sport to watch on TV?  

I dare you!

What's the answer? 

You must admit, I'm right.  They all love figure skating!

So how do we use this knowledge?  Just take a look at what I said about the reasons behind those donations?  Why would people give you money? 

People donate because they believe in the cause.  Not everyone needs to give you money; would you be happy if they donated something nice that you can... sell or auction off?  

See where I'm going with this?  Rewarding Fundraising Ideas

Those are just two great fundraising ideas, but...

We are not done yet!

Remember what I said about the traffic on this site?  Remember that we wanted to reach as many people as possible and not just any people;  mainly those who have an interest in figure skating.  About 220 new ones each day! 

Guess what?  They are already here!  Rewarding Fundraising Ideas

So how do we introduce your skater to our visitors?

How about their very own FUNDRAISING WEB PAGE on this site?  

Don't worry!  It's FREE!  

Here's how it works.Rewarding Fundraising Ideas

We have a luxury of making this website as big as we need it to be. The technology that we use, allows our visitors to create their own web pages here.

Here is an  example of a Dance Team Fundraising Page on our website.  

Like it?  We will help you to set it all up and show you which tools you need to start raising money for your team or your skater.  Rewarding Fundraising Ideas

What's in it for us?  Not what you think! 

Example of Skater Fundraising Page

We know well what it takes to succeed in this very competitive sport.  And no, we are not talking about the hard work, talent and time investment (entire decades).  We are talking about money, hard cash that skaters and their families must invest from the day their kid ties those skates on... and for many, many years to come.  

Too often we have witnessed heartache when great teams were parting ways simply because the parents were no longer able to support their children in their beautiful dream.  

Believe me those were the worst moments of those kid's lives.  Skating was all they knew.

Some chose to put school on hold, others didn't really pay much attention to their marks, because skating was "everything".   And then the money run out...   Then their mothers and fathers had to tell them: "We are so sorry Honey... there is no more money, you need to quit skating".  I was very close to few such moments.  Never want to live through one again, believe me. Rewarding Fundraising Ideas

Those decisions to give up were never easy.  I know parents who gave it all, those who borrowed, mortgaged their homes (again)... I even know one mother who today is serving a sentence for an... armed bank robbery (no kidding).  Her daughter no longer skates. 

Not everyone is in that leaky boat.  Most European skaters receive some funding; same with Russia, China and other Asian countries.  But regretfully here in Canada and United States we are on our own.  No help from our Skating Associations until those kids are at the very top.  

But how do you get there without this financial support?  

In North America, the sport of figure skating is for Elite only; those with substantial money available to them.  We are not talking Can Skate cost here; the bills start to mount up as soon as you start competing.  We all know that.  

We lived it, we know the struggles first hand, so how can we help you?  How can we make it easier for you to support your child's dream of one day skating at the World Championships? 

It will not be easy... but we can help.  

Not many things in life are.  You will still be expected to do the work; but what we can do is to offer you a vehicle to promote your team, your skater and their accomplishments.  This offer is limited to teams and skaters competing at the Junior and Senior Level, in all five categories: Single Men & Ladies, Pairs, Ice Dance and Synchronized Skating.

If you would like more information on this opportunity, please contact us through the form below. 

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