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Furnished Apartment Rentals for Skaters

Furnished Apartment Rentals - another option for your figure skating accommodations.

You just found out that your skater has an opportunity to train with the best coaches in the World, but just for the summer… an opportunity of a lifetime... but where would they stay while there?

You do have couple of options, one would be to find another skater already training there and see if they would be willing to take on a roommate for few months; you could find a host family if you are not comfortable with your young skater living on their own or just with other skaters, without any adults to keep an eye on them; or if you are coming to stay with them for few months, you could rent a furnished apartment close to the arena.

What to Expect with Furnished Apartment Rentals

To give you an example of what to expect, let me take you into one of the furnished apartments that we stayed at while training at the Mariposa School of Skating in Barrie, Ontario, Canada last year.

We were participating in their Summer School Program and needed a place to stay for the entire family. We found an apartment within a walking distance to the arena.

Home belonged to a local skating family, who's skater moved away recently to train in United States; they no longer needed to be close to the rink, so following the move back to their home in the country, they started to rent their city home to International figure skaters.

We had an option to rent one of three apartments in a large raised bungalow on a quiet street. Since we were coming in with the entire family as we wanted to spend the summer together, we opted for the 3 bedroom unit with two bathrooms.

The house was located about 700 m from the training facilities (featuring a large swimming pool, two gyms, and two training rinks). There were stores close-by and restaurants within a short walk. What we liked about Mariposa, was many options that they offered. If our skater wanted to make the permanent move to train there, the skating school was located next door to a high school that was very accommodating in regards to skater's schedules.

Everything we needed was there. Comfortably furnished rooms, with sofas, beautiful dinning set, draperies, area rugs, pictures and accessories.

The space was very comfortable, with everything we needed there.  

In the master bedroom, we found a comfortable, queen bed with quality linens, we even had a choice when it came to pillow firmness. Covers, blankets, all you needed for a great night sleep and a good morning too! Alarm clocks were available in every room.

Master bath was private, recently renovated space with a huge shower and beautiful tile work. All towels, shampoos and soaps were provided for us. It's quite important when you are arriving from another country by plane and really don't want to take stuff like that with you.

The other two smaller bedrooms had comfortable single beds, chests of drawers and a small desk. Those shared another full bathroom with a large tub/shower.

The owner provided laundry detergent, and all the cleaning supplies as we opted out of the maid service to save money. Mom was there, so why would anyone else need to come in to clean? Our hosts even stocked the fridge for as, so we could cook breakfast the first morning, as we arrived from the airport quite late.

House had satellite TV, a gaming console and a HS wireless Internet. What else could we ask for?

Availability of Furnished Apartment Rentals

There are furnished rental apartments available in every city, the cost is usually a bit higher compared to the cost of un-furnished rental units; but you really can just come in with a suitcase and not worry about any of the furnishings, and everything else you would normally need when moving to a new place.

To find out about the availability of furnished apartment rentals in your chosen location, please fill out the form below; we will put you in touch with local Real Estate Professionals that will be happy to find you a suitable space. You can also contact us for more information about this service.

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