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Figure Skating Accommodations

Finding suitable figure skating accommodations for a skater before they transfer to another skating academy may become a daunting task if you don't know where to start. There are several types of figure skating accommodations available to choose from. To find what the specific differences are please see the links below.

Figure Skating Host Family is one of the best accommodation options for a younger skater training far from home

Older, more mature skaters will be happy with figure skater boarding accommodations... on their own but with the cconvenienceof a home cooked meal

Don't want to live alone?  Saving cash for fun things is important to you?  Roommates!  Others are looking for shared accommodations too! 

Short term furnished rentals are perfect for figure skaters!  All the comforts of home without long term commitment. 

Full term apartment rentals require a substantial commitment.  You need to stay for at least a year.  

Very serious about your skating?  Need to relocate the entire family to be close to a school?  Why not purchase a home there?

Choosing right accommodations for your skater

There are many factors that will affect your decision regarding the type of figure skating accommodations that you choose for your skater. From their ability to adjust to new surroundings, their age and maturity level, your budget, the length of stay and the actual stage of their skating career.

Let's start with options for younger skaters, those who are leaving their families for the first time and are not very comfortable living on their own yet or just with other skaters. Usually, the younger skaters stay with a figure skating host family or make arrangements with a family offering boarding and supervision.

Than we have skaters who need to find a place to stay for a week or so; You are coming into the area to interview a coach, maybe for a tryout with a possible new partner, or a short trip to work on new choreography. You are there for only a week, what options do you have?

You may be able to find a hotel that will not cost you "an arm and a leg"; we all know that the money in your skating budget can be spent elsewhere. Your best bet would be to look for either a furnished short term rental or try to find a space with another skater already training there; often they are willing to offer a space on a sofa or share a bedroom for few days.

If you are coming from the other side of the globe, you probably want to stay for a bit more than a week. Some teams leave their own coaches for few months to work on something very specific with someone who knows how to help them overcome the hurdles. What are your options if you plan to stay for about 3 months?

Furnished, short term rentals, available in many cities, are figure skating accommodations that offer all that you may need during your stay. 

From pots and pans, to linens and bedding, and a weekly maid service. Nothing to do, just move in and enjoy. Those are substantially more expensive than full term rentals (those requiring a long term lease of 6 to 12 months), but you do have an option of renting from few days to few months. Well worth the extra cash.

Other option is to look for a local skater, who just like you left his home and family and moved there to train. They may be staying longer and already have a lease signed on an apartment. European teams training in United States and Canada, travel back to Europe in the fall and compete there for few months. Their figure skating accommodations may be available for sub-leasing during the time they are away.

...So you came and stayed few months, bunked with someone on their sofa while deciding if you should make the permanent move. You like it here and you think this is it. This is the Coach for you, one that will take you places. You don't want to sleep on that sofa forever. This is the time to start looking for your full time skating accommodations. Just imagine how much fun you will have furnishing your very own apartment. Some apartment rental companies offer a furniture packages on a monthly basis, so you rent the furniture instead of buying it. It is a great option, especially if you are a European skater, training in USA or Canada for a year or so. Here is more info on leasing an apartment in Canada and United States.

Sometimes an opportunity of a lifetime comes and your young skater needs to relocate to train with the best coach in the world… but you have a family and you live on the other side of the country. What can you do? Parents do make sacrifices for their children. Sometimes families choose to relocate together with their skater; other times that's simply not possible, so you do the next best thing: one of the parents stays behind and the mother moves with the skater. If it’s a permanent move you may chose to purchase a second home if finances allow.

Finding temporary accommodations for your skater

When coming in just for few days before relocating to the new skating school, you need to find a comfortable hotel.

Airbnb is the great alternative if you need to stay in the area for more than just couple of days.  

Start here at the if you need to look for an apartment to rent.  Great tool that will let you narrow down the results to exactly what you are looking for.

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