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Figure Skaters Relocating Abroad

Figure Skaters Relocating Abroad - here is one figure skater's story. 
Sometimes things work out for the best and after the darkest and most difficult time you find a new beginning again.

After a decade with the same partner, an ice-dancer found himself at the cross roads following partner's decision to leave figure skating and concentrate on her studies. Living and training in Canada, but already representing another country with his original partner, our skater needed to continue on his chosen path… he contacted his figure skating association to ask for advice on what to do next.

Ice dance was all he knew, and after two years in Junior you simply don't go back to singles…     You need to find a way to continue on your chosen journey.

What happened after that initial call to Europe, was truly amazing!

There are people in skating associations around the world that believe in this sport with all their hearts; considering their athletes a true assets to their organization and their country.

Our suddenly-single skater was lucky to have such people in his corner.

The only ice-dancer in the country (with skating skills that would match if not surpass his own skills) was contacted and within 3 days he had a new partner!

Figure Skaters Relocating Abroad

It's a good thing she was looking for someone too!

Talk about luck!

She has never met him, but seen him skate at a competition, he's never met her either.

Now they were supposed to be a team. Figure Skaters Relocating Abroad

Few weeks later, after suspending his studies at the University, saying goodbye to his skating students at local skating clubs where he worked as a Coach; he was packing his bags to move to where she was training; half way around the globe - to a country he only visited with his parents twice before.

Airport goodbye's were difficult and tearful, (you know how mothers are - her figure skaters relocating abroad after all); but once he got himself on the plane, he was excited… and a bit anxious as well... 

After all, he never tried out with this girl! They both relied solely on the opinion of the Officials from their Skating Association. Apparently, everyone thought that they would be a great match.

What if they were not?

figure skater relocating abroad

Figure Skater Relocating Abroad - Starting New!

figure skater relocating abroad

After 9 hours on a plane, he was finally there. Greeted by his new Skating Coach and his new partner, his new life, new adventure and a new journey has began.

First few days were quite difficult, there was so much to do. Moving into his new apartment, shopping for essentials, finding his way around the city and figuring out the street cars and buses to get to the arena. 

Time difference didn't make it easy either, but after a week or so, he was feeling at home both at the arena and in the his new city. 

All was back to normal in his figure skating world.

Figure Skater Relocating Abroad - Things you Need to Know...

When your figure skater is relocating abroad, there are important things you need to take care of. Be sure to check out the list we put together for you. It will help you organize the things that need to be done before you take your skater to the airport.

Figure Skater Relocating Abroad - Letting Them Go

Here is few things to consider to determine if your skater is in fact ready 
to let go of you...
figure skater relocating abroad

The skater in this story, was quite mature, about to turn 19; but moving to another side of the world, to a country where "they" spoke a language he could barely understand, was in fact quite difficult. It was a step that he needed to take, to open the doors to his skating future.

It will be different for every skater, more or less difficult for each family, but every single one of you can get through it. Today, looking back… it was difficult but exciting, scary and yet life changing. A good thing!

Each family has different values and priorities and knowing your own child, will allow you to add items to that list, to help you determine if in fact your young skater is ready to relocate and live on their own.

Letting them go early will teach them new responsibilities, will give them another outlook on life and will show them that we, as parents do trust them enough to let them go after their dreams. So try to be brave and consider that it is quite normal that figure skaters relocating abroad.

We are in contact with skaters currently training in Detroit, Novi, Ann Arbor, Canton, Colorado Springs, Calgary, Barrie, Toronto, Odintsovo, Warsaw & Gdansk. If you need current information regarding skater accommodations most suitable to your young skater, please fill out the form below; we will try to put you in touch with those who may provide that information.

Here is more about other figure skating accommodations.

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