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Apartment Rentals

Apartment Rentals - housing option for skaters training away from home for periods of 6 months or more.

You come from a remote town in New Brunswick where your childhood skating coach took you as far as they could - carrier wise... You have talent, potential and perseverance, but you no longer can stay home to skate.

Or perhaps you are one of those few in your country who are the greatest assets to your Skating Federation; kids with a chance to become something truly amazing; but not if you stay home to train, because there is no one there to train you...

Or you are one of the lucky few that have the talent, skill and the money to pick and choose who should Coach you...

You need, must or want to make a more permanent move, leaving your family behind to train in another province, state, country or continent. None of those transitions; no matter how close or how far from home you move… are easy.

Apartment Rentals - What to Expect

If you are just moving across the country and still staying "home", so-to-speak, you will have a pretty good idea on what to expect when renting or leasing an apartment. It may however be completely different as soon as you cross the boarder. Read about our own rental apartment quest in Canton, Michigan, last year.

Be ready to provide certain documents and information to the leasing office so they can verify your income and employment. Don't be surprised if they as you for a permission to check your credit rating and your criminal record. Some places will need to see documentation from past 3 years. Government tax returns may be needed as well, or other proof of income.

Rental Agreement

When researching apartment rentals, be sure to find out what's included in the monthly cost. In Canada and United States you may be expected to pay extra for the following items if you rent an apartment in a high rise or a town home from a Corporation that owns the entire complex:

Hydro (Electricity & Cooling)

Gas (Heating)

Water & Sewer

Satellite or Cable TV

Wireless Internet

Phone Service

Garbage Disposal

Parking Spot

Storage Locker

Property Maintenance

There are different types of apartment rentals that you may encounter in your travels.

Sometimes you will rent your space in a low-rise building like the one below. This building is about 2 years old, located in Barrie, Ontario (this is where Mariposa School of Skating is located).

Barrie Ontario

Types of Apartment Rentals (Barrie, Ontario)

In Europe and Russia, you will find a lot of those types of apartment buildings, the apartment units in those will be relatively smaller comparing to the ones in Canada and United States.

Poznan Poland

Types of Apartment Rentals (Poznan, Poland)

In Paris for example you may expect to find rentals in beautiful, old buildings like those.  Units there will have high ceilings, relatively small kitchens and bathrooms, beautiful large windows sometimes opening to small balconies. Located within walking distance to all amenities.

Paris France

Types of Apartment (Paris, France)

In some of the Canadian cities you will be able to find basement apartments in private homes like this one below. Those are usually in quiet residential areas, some with separate entrances and private amenities.

Barrie Ontario

Types of Apartment Rentals

Another type of a rental would be a town home. Those are usually two story homes - separate units, 4 or more in a row. Town homes usually have 2-3 bedrooms and a bath, located on the second floor, with a kitchen, living and dinning room with a powder room on the main floor.

Townhome rentals

Types of Townhome Rentals

Long term rental units will be completely empty, some may not even have a stove in the kitchen. Rarely do they have a washer and dryer in the unity, but if you are lucky to find a place that provides those items in each unit, that's a great bonus.


What to Expect


What to Expect

Some apartment companies will offer furniture rental packages for you to choose from. This is especially convenient if you came from another country by plane and will not be able to take the furniture that you had to purchase with you when you go back home.

If you however, would prefer to spend the money elsewhere, you can still purchase inexpensive furniture from places like Ikea, borrow furniture from local skaters and their families, or buy used furniture and kitchen furnishings from online classified's like - in Canada.  Or - World Wide, or at Salvation Army stores across Canada and United States... there are great, huge stores in the Detroit area (Canton, Ann Arbor).

We have contact with skaters currently training in Detroit, Novi, Ann Arbor, Canton, Colorado Springs, Calgary, Barrie, Toronto, Odintsovo, Warsaw & Gdansk.  If you need current information regarding best rental apartment options in those cities, please fill out the form below; we will try to put you in touch with those who may provide that information.

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