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Adventures in Lake Placid

by Peter
(Toronto, CANADA)

When people say that they're off to New York for the weekend, I immediately think of New York City, New York; not the state itself, just the Big Apple. That's quite selfish if you ask me. Sure the city is beautiful, vast and diverse. But then again, so is the country side of New York State. I'm talking about the most northern part of the state that shares the boarder with the beautiful country I like to call home - Canada.

In and around the area of Lake Placid, NY is just something I'd like to consider as 'majestic' or 'relaxing'. I was there just recently for the Ice Dance Championships in early August, and let me tell you- WOW.

Now, I didn't get to experience much, while I was there, but just the atmosphere that the competition brought to this small 'vacation spot' kind-of-town, was something I haven't yet experienced. Coming into Lake Placid, it was exciting for me as an athlete because of the fact that the Winter Olympic Games were held here twice back in 1932 and 1980. It was amazing to see that the Olympic spirit was still going strong in the residents and businesses of the area.

Around the time that I was here, there was an Ironman Triathlon going on, where a portion of the Triathlon (swimming) was taking place out on Mirror Lake, close by the downtown center of Lake Placid; and I actually had no idea about this, but since 1999, the town has been an annual site for the Triathlon. It's the second oldest Ironman event in North America. This is quite fitting when you think about it because of the active, and sporting nature of this community.

The people; from it's residents, to business owners... every one makes this place feel like home for tourists. I remember the husband/wife owners of the small hotel where I stayed at for a weeks time... they helped me in anyway they could. They helped make me feel at home; and for someone who spends a majority of their time away from their actual home, their friends and family, it was definitely something that touched my heart, and made a lasting impression.

People from all around the world would come to this little town in the northern of part New York state, all for the sake of sport, and it was easy to see why: Mountain Biking, Kayaking, Skiing, Cross Country, Climbing, the list can go on and not stop... only because of all the great things Lake Placid has offer.

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Oct 07, 2015
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Sep 05, 2013
Lake Placid Adventures
by: Anonymous

Thank you for sharing with us. It was great to read your story. Sometimes the best adventures happen when we least expect them. Even the shortest stay in a new place can open our eyes to the beauty of your surroundings.

We hope you will be coming back here to share more of your travel stories. All the best in your competitive adventures.

FSI Editor

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