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Justyna Plutowska Peter Gerber

Polish Senior Ice Dance Team

Justyna Plutowska Peter Gerber - Polish Senior Ice Dance Team, 2013 National Champions and 2012 National Silver Medalists; the newest Senior Dance Team in Poland.

Justyna and Piotr (Peter) paired up in January 2012 following the break ups of their previous partnerships.  Their new partnership was confirmed in June 2012.

Tessa Virtue/Scott Moir (CAN)
Madison Chock/Evan Bates (USA)
Justyna Plutowska/Peter Gerber (POL)

Photo Credit: Sari Niskanen from

Justyna Plutowska Peter Gerber

Finlandia Trophy 2013 Ice Dance Bronze Medalists

This was the first podium finish for a Polish Ice Dance team at a prestigious, international competition of this class in 16 years.

Justyna Plutowska and Piotr Gerber  III Place at Finlandia Trophy 2013

Photo Credit: Sari Niskanen from

Support Justyna Plutowska & Peter Gerber

Finlandia Trophy 2013 Free Dance:

Justyna & Piotr are working hard to achieve their goals... while behind the scenes, steps are taken constantly to find the way to supplement their training budget.

The cost of living in Novi, Michigan and in Gdansk, Poland (when they train there while competing in Europe) adds up to substantial amounts.  

All the bills associated with an apartment rental, monthly utilities bills, fuel for their car to travel to and from the arena, car and rental insurance, food and cost of off ice training, as well as some medical expenses like massage therapy and chiropractic treatments are covered by their parents.    


If you would like to support Justyna & Peter in their quest, please take a look below.  

Any kind of help and support is always greatly appreciated by both of them.

Polish Nationals and Four Nations Championships

Photo Credit: Magdalena Tascher

Photo Credit: Magdalena Tascher

Polish National Champions & Four National Championships Bronze Medalists 

About Justyna & Piotr

Peter (Piotr) was born in Canada to a Polish family. He is 21 years old and has been skating since he was 7 years old. He has been representing Poland on the international circuit for the last 4 years. He is a 2011 Polish Junior Champion and 2012 Polish Senior Silver Medalist as well as 2013 Polish Senior Ice Dance Champion.


Justyna was born in Gdynia, Poland. She is 22 years old and has been skating since she was 5 years old. Most of her life, she has been training under a watchful eye of her father, Miroslaw Plutowski; she grew up training at the GKS Stoczniowiec in Gdansk. Justyna is 2009 & 2010 Junior Polish National Champion and 2012 Polish Senior Silver Medalist as well as 2013 Polish Senior Ice Dance Champion.

In September 2011, after 12 years of competing with the same partner, Peter found himself at a cross roads when she quit training, following their JGP in Riga and Gdansk earlier that year.  Justyna was already without a partner as her former one also decided to say goodbye to the sport.

In January 2012, Peter moved from Canada to Poland to train with Justyna

They made their debut at the 2012 U.S. International Classic, finishing eighth; then at Finlandia Trophy 2012 they came 7th. They took the silver medal at the 2013 Polish Championships, and placed 3rd in the Three Nations Championships in Cieszyn in December; then at the ISU Competition in Torun, Justyna & Piotr received the technical points that they needed to qualify for the World Figure Skating Championships in London, Canada, in March of 2013 where they placed 27th.

They were the youngest of all ice dance teams at that event.  

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Thanks to the guidance from the Polish Figure Skating Association, they both got another chance. 

They practiced in Gdansk, until early June, when they got an opportunity of a lifetime to train with one of the best Coaches in the World - Igor Shpilband in Novi, Michigan, United States. Their partnership was officially confirmed in June 2012.  

Justyna Plutowska Peter Gerber in London during 2013 World Figure Skating Championships

In the 2013–14 season, Plutowska and Gerber placed ninth at the U.S. International Classic before competing at the 2013 Nebelhorn Trophy, the final Olympic qualifier. They were 14th in the short dance and 8th in the free dance, finishing 10th overall at Nebelhorn and becoming second alternates for a spot at the 2014 Winter Olympics. One week later, Plutowska / Gerber won their first international medal - bronze, at the 2013 Finlandia Trophy in Espoo.

Justyna's & Peter's Training 

Justyna Plutowska Peter Gerber during practice at the Novi Ice Arena in Michigan, USA. 

Typical day for our skaters in Novi starts at 5:00 am.  They get to the arena for 6:00 am to step onto the ice at 6:30 am, when first coaching sessions start.  They do rotate the times with other teams.  

Usually they practice and do run-through's for 2 hours, then do off ice training.  Peter likes to spend time at the gym, next door to the arena.  Justyna enjoys the pool.  They also have lessons with ballroom teachers, acrobatics and expression exercises.  

After lunch it's back onto the ice for few more hours.  Sometimes they are at the arena till 5:00pm.  This is when their Coaches are also done for the day. 

Doors to Their Dreams - Fundraising for Skaters

Justyna & Piotr raise money for their training and living expenses through sales of beautiful, unique  hand-crafted fabric flower brooches and Christmas ornaments; as well as through this fundraising website.

Flower Brooches and Christmas Ornaments can be purchased through their FB page: and on

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Support Justyna Plutowska & Peter Gerber



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