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Welcome to Figure Skating International


Figure Skating International is under construction and will be fully operational soon.

Thank you for your patience. 

Figure Skating International...

You can call us an one-stop-information-booth for Figure Skaters who plan to take their skating career to the next level.

There comes a time to say goodbye to your first and second… maybe even third Skating Coach at your home club and step out into the big world of Figure Skating - International.

If you want to make it to the World skating arena, you need to be where the action is. And here is where we come in. 

Figure Skating International is for skaters just like you, getting ready for that next big career move and for those skaters who took that important step already. Figure Skating Inter

Figure Skating Accommodations

Once you leave your home to train abroad, you will need a place to stay.  In the figure skating accommodations section you will find information you need to get yourself settled in your new home. 

Figure Skating Authorities 

Skaters are govern by the associations and skating federations in the country they represent. Here you will find the complete list and contact information. 

International Figure Skating Events

Complete list of upcoming International Figure Skating Events for 2013-2014 season

About Figure Skating International

Let me tell you a story behind Figure Skating International.  Grab a coffee, sit down and relax, in few minutes you will get the whole story.   

Upcoming Figure Skating Events

Most exciting and quite spectacular events in figure skating take place each year around the globe.  Here you will be able to keep an eye on upcoming events schedule, locations and results. 

National Championships 

Schedule for National Championships in countries around the World. (Page Under Construction)

International Skating Schools

Once time comes to say goodbye to your first coach, you may want to get serious and enroll in one of the World renowned skating schools, you will never look back! 

International Skating Coaches

You've know the names, you've seen them on TV and wished to have a chance to skate under their watchful eye.  Find out where the best Skating Coaches train.

We are here to guide you through the process, from that first difficult conversation with your beloved coach, when time comes to ask yourself… is this where I should continue to train or is it time to move on and step it up a notch?

Through that stressful process of crossing the border, coming into the US or Russia to train in completely different country, with new language, different values, different customs… to the fun yet exhausting process of finding a place to live, setting up an apartment and a new life close to your new training locations.

If this is your first time going away to train, you may want to let your Skating Association or your parents do the worrying, but the process is exciting and fun too, so don't miss out by not getting involved and letting them do all the work.

If you are a veteran World class figure skater, (you've been there and done that)… you will feel at home here. The information found on this site will just make it easier for you to step out of your comfort zone and settle in a new place if you need to make that transfer to another coach, or make the difficult decision to represent another country.

Figure Skating International is here to help, to hold your hand if it needs to be held, to help you ask the right questions, to find answers, to meet new people, make new friends… after all, we know that World of Figure Skating is in fact a very small.

We are all in the same boat, so let's make the journey together, and let's make it fun.

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