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Canton Apartment Search

Let me tell you what we went through during our Canton apartment search.

Canton is a very beautiful city, with spectacular parks, open spaces and stately homes. We fell in love from the moment we arrived at the hotel.  

Before we left Canada, we searched for short term apartments online; regretfully, those were nearly impossible to find.   Beautiful, hot June was just around the corner, so we decided on a road trip down to Michigan.

Armed with our extensive knowledge on apartment rentals here in Ontario, we traveled to Canton, Michigan last June to find accommodations for one of our dance teams transferring from Europe to train with Marina Zoueva at Arctic Edge Arena.

Our skaters were supposed to train here:

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So we started our Canton apartment search and everything went wrong...

Nothing was like we expected...

Looking back on that week there, I don't know how I didn't loose my mind!

An incredible array and selection of apartment rentals, all with great spectrum of amenities and options and choices... and all obscenely expensive.

It would not be such a huge deal... to find that the prices were substantially higher than what we wanted to pay, if there were such options like ours here in Ontario; but Canton did not offer any privately owned, basement apartments so popular north of the border.

The sticker shock was that much greater because we've seen homes that could be purchased for $50K on the spot in the neighboring town and yet we could not find relatively affordable rentals in Canton.

The only ones available were gated communities with beautiful gardens, great big swimming pools, on-site gyms and laundry facilities.

All we wanted was an apartment that our team could share, with a small kitchen and a bathroom, nothing fancy... something relatively close to the arena, for about a $1000/month all inclusive. Regretfully, places that we looked at were closer to $1500.00 per month plus utilities.

Believe me, for someone needing to recalculate every dollar back to their own currency and seeing that numbers 3 times as big, this was not an easy thing to swallow; those nights at the hotel were quite difficult...

The small, less expensive apartments in someone's basement that we were hoping for were nowhere to be found in Canton, so we were ready for a miracle.

What happened a week later was just what we needed to get back on track and to regain some composure.

In fact… it was such great news that we ended up celebrating at the local Chili's Restaurant, just a short walk from the hotel. If you are there, be sure to stop by, we visited every time we were in Canton.

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