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2013 Volvo Open Cup Results

2013 Volvo Open Cup Results Page.  Here you will find details on the Senior Events taking place in Riga, Latvia between November 7th and November 10th, 2013. Here is the event information page.

Men's Final Results

There were 21 skaters participating in the Men's Event; here are top 10 with final marks: 

1 Evgeny PLYUSCHENKO RUS 263.2511

2 Alexander PETROV RUS 218.7522

3 Sergey BORODULIN RUS 202.4053

4 Michael Christian MARTINEZ PHI 197.1844

5 Zhan BUSH RUS 184.8437

6 Artem LEZHEEV RUS 184.0565

7 Dmitriy IGNATENKO UKR 164.8788

8 Matthew PARR GBR 163.56176

9 Viktor ROMANENKOV EST 160.99913

10 Samuel KOPPEL EST 159.47716

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MEN: SP Results, (Judges Scores), LP Resutls, (Judges Scores), Event Results

Women's Final Results

There were 17 Ladies participating in the event. Here are top 10 with final marks: 

Brookley HAN AUS151.76

Jenna MCCORKELL GBR 140.29

Juulia TURKKILA FIN 138.24

Giada RUSSO ITA 124.17

Nicole GRAF SUI 119.45

Beata PAPP FIN 117.02

Karly ROBERTSON GBR 114.41

Helery HALVIN EST 113.51

Dasa GRM SLO 113.411

Candice DIDIER FRA 112.68

LADIES: SP Results, (Judges Scores), FP Results (Judges Scores), Final Event Results 

Ice Dance Final Results

There were 20 teams participating in the ice dance competition, with one team withdrawing prior to the event.  Top ten teams are listed below:

1 Yuliya ZLOBINA / Aleksey SITNIKOV AZE 152.4212

2 Nelli ZHIGANSHINA / Alexander GAZSI GER 149.2421

3 Alessandrini LORENZA / Simone VATURI ITA 143.9633

4 Federica TESTA / Lucas CSOLLEY SVK 139.0644

5 Irina SHTORK / Taavi RAND EST 132.3266

6 Dora TUROCZI / Balazs MAJOR HUN 131.0558

7 Ramona ELSENER / Florian ROOST SUI 129.9985

8 Nadezhda FROLENKOVA / Vitaly NIKIFOROV UKR 125.98710

9 Justyna PLUTOWSKA / Peter GERBER POL 125.58107

10 Cecilia TORN / Jussiville PARTANEN FIN 119.871111

ICE DANCE SD Results (Judges Scores), FD Results (Judges Scores), Final Ice Dance Results

All Volvo Open Cup 2013 Results: 

MENSP Results, (Judges Scores), LP Resutls, (Judges Scores), Event Results

LADIESSP Results, (Judges Scores), FP Results (Judges Scores), Final Event Results 

ICE DANCE SD Results (Judges Scores), FD Results (Judges Scores), Final Ice Dance Results

Volvo Cup 2013 Event Results

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